Episode 3: The Wizard of Jaws

Episode #03: The Wizard of Jaws

Official Synopsis:

Count Gauntly and Ogrot prepare for the arrival of eminent film critic Dan Stalcup by stretching their culinary muscles. Learn how you can make your own ghoulish feast at home, including fried lamb brains, pan-seared beef heart, and “Rocky Mountain oysters” (fried bull testicles). Additionally, Ogrot and the Count prepare two signature beverages, “Quantum Coffee” and “Soup Beer.”
Featured shorts:
“The Nature of Light”
“What to Do On a Date”
“Overcoming Fear”
All shorts produced by Coronet Instructional films.



  • Sheep Brains
  • Beef Heart
  • Bull Oysters
  • Quantum Coffee
  • Soup Beer
  • “Finest Spiced Blood”

Airing schedule (2013):